• 100LT/150LT/200LT
    The most cost-effective Orbital Cutting Machine

    Capacity : Pipe O.D 6-220mm (1/4-8inch)

    Pipe wall thickness maximum 8.2mm
  • 150
    Cut, whether thick or thin, at a Single Stroke

    The world best convenience and speed!

    Capacity : Pipe O.D 6-170mm (1/4-6inch)

    Pipe wall thickness macimum 12mm
  • EM0.5 / EM1.0
    High quality and ultra-light Squaring Facing Machine

    Necessary for UHP pipeline construction

    Long-lived and high strength insert tip

    Capacity : 1/4-1inch
  • TGR / TGF
    Necessary for Welding Operator

    Ultralight and rechargeable Tungsten Grinder

    Capacity : The minimum length of the electrode bar to be ground is 15mm

    Included angle : 15° - 180°
  • 500
    Necessary for Stainless Piping Work

    The world's first pipe-rotation cutting method applied machine

    Capacity : Pipe O.D 16-510mm (3/8-20inch)

    Pipe wall thickness maximum 10mm
  • 300HV / 600HV
    Necessary for pipe processing factory!

    Possible to cut and bevel the pipes on both sides at the same time (CNC M/C)
    Capacity : Pipe O.D 80 - 620mm (3-24inch)

    Pipe wall thickness maximum 80mm
  • CM4_M
    Multi-function Hand Beveler

    Bavel Capacity : 0° - 90°, 0 - 14C

    Pipe/Plate : Film removal and bevel processing