Leak Film



Protecting your high-tech assets with innovative, user-friendly technology for liquid leak detection

The most reliable, durable, Cost-effective solution Unlike some other forms of liquid leak detection, LeakFilm stands up to the challenges of your facility:

  • Durable and Flexible You can walk on it, roll carts over it, wrap it around pipes, and subject it to varying levels of temperature, humidity and dust — with no false alarms.
  • Fast Response When LeakFilm senses a liquid leak, the LeakFilm controller immediately notifies you so you can address the situation without delay. Additionally, certain LeakFilm configurations can measure the distance from the leak point to the controller giving you increased visibility to the location of the leak.
  • Long Life Unlike sensing cables, which may need to be replaced after exposure to some liquids, LeakFilm withstands water and conductive liquids*. In the event of exposure, just wipe off the ribbon and reuse it — no replacement costs.
  • Easy to install and maintain Use the adhesive backing and supplied connectors to install LeakFilm wherever you need it. And if it tears, simply cut and reconnect the film — no need to replace the whole section. You can even write on the ribbon if needed.

Features & Benefits

  • Durable and flexible to stand up to challenges in your facility
  • Fast response and longer life
  • Easy to install and maintain

Quick Specs

  • Chemical Room
  • Server Room
  • Production Floor

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