Highly versatile trace gas analyzer platform configurable to a wide range of applications

Offering a unique, non-depleting plasma emission detector, the Chroma (K4000) analyzer is one of the most versatile gas analyzers for trace gas measurement available. Most applications will be satisfied by a single 4U rack analyzer configuration, making the Chroma a compact, cost effective solution for continuous process control or quality monitoring.


  • PlasmaHC measurement system requires no FID for THC measurement.
  • Fully automated - tune to the application - system for unique simplicity of use.
  • Stand-alone systems requires no third-party software or computer to operate.

Sensing Technology

  • Plasma
  • TCD

Gas Measured

  • Multiple Gases

Unit Measurement

  • % (percent)
  • ppm (trace)
  • ppb (trace)


  • Air Seperation Unit (ASU)
  • Hydrogen Plant
  • Medical Gases
  • Specialty Gases

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