DF-700 Range

DF Series


TDL Trace Moisture analyzer range

A sophisticated process moisture analyzer range which offers users the comprehensive solution for trace and ultra-trace moisture measurement, the DF-700 series combines the latest Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TDL) technology, a robust measuring cell and a true baseline reference for highly accurate moisture measurement.


  • Exceptional sub-ppb moisture level readings which exceed current UHP moisture measurement requirements.
  • Models include DF-730 (moisture in HCl); DF740 (moisture in ammonia); DF-745 (high sensitivity 2ppb LDL); DF-745 SGMax (specialty gas trace moisture analyzer); DF-750 NanoTrace (base model)
  • DF-760 dual oxygen and moisture measurement 2F TDL detection technology for robustness to particulates contamination

Sensing Technology

  • Laser Moisture
  • Coulometric

Gas Measured

  • H2O (Moisture)
  • O2 (Oxygen)

Unit Measurement

  • ppm (trace)
  • ppb (trace)
  • ppt (trace)


  • Air Seperation Unit (ASU)
  • Specialty Gases
  • CQC Quality Control
  • UHP Semicon Application

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