DF-100 Range

DF Series


Versatile O2 analyzer range with multiple options

An industrial gas analyzer range designed to deliver stable, accurate and reliable O2 measurement at percent and trace levels, the DF-100 series utilizes unique, non-depleting E-sensor technology to deliver accurate results with no sensor drifting, no false low readings and no frequent calibration requirements.


  • Unique non-depleting technology for long term stability and ease of maintenance.
  • Unique measurement stability requiring SPAN calibration only once a year
  • Unique Stab-El™ acid gas alarm option neutralizes trace contaminants

Sensing Technology

  • Coulometric

Gas Measured

  • O2 (Oxygen)

Unit Measurement

  • ppm (trace)


  • Air Seperation Unit (ASU)
  • Hydrogen Plant
  • UHP Semicon Application

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